The Rich Bobinski Orchestra
The Legacy Continues

"Come Dance With Us"

Our Music

We are pleased to announce the release
of our brand new CD entitled "The Way It Was"

To obtain your CD, go to 
call 248-247-8100 or toll free 1-866-454-6695

#1 Curtain Raiser - Polka

#2 Pije Kuba - Polka

#3 Jak To Na Wojence Ladnie - Polka

#4 Bruno's - Oberek

"Something Old / Something New"
Orders are now being accepted for our new CD.
Please contact June at (860) 536-2452.  You can listen to some tracks of our new CD below.


Please take a listen to six tracks from our new CD entitled:
"Something Old / Something New"

Sure Fire Kisses

Home At Last

Polka Bells


Hot Dog

Jak Szybko

From our previous CD: The Legacy Continues, please listen to 5  sample tracks below. 

Waltz Of My Polish Rose        

Locomotive Polka                    

Who Stole The Kishka             
(Walt Solek is the vocalist and this is the last recording he ever made)

For Sentimental Reasons        

Bobinski Swirl